May 2012/NutraSolutions -- The Flax Council of Canada and Glanbia Nutritionals offer an extensive updated Flax Research Database for human health and nutrition. With scientific evidence regarding the health benefits of flax and its constituents expanding at a rapid pace, this resource helps food professionals keep up with the increasing volume of information. Updating of the database was made possible through funding from Glanbia Nutritionals. The dataset includes only peer-reviewed publications available on commonly used scientific search sites. Since its last update in mid-2009, close to 160 new publications have been released.  Most involve human clinical trials and include health and disease reduction research, analytical assessments, food formulation and review articles. Papers appear under a number of categories to enable quick and accurate searches to capture relevant publications of interest. See the “databases” tab at the Flax Council’s website for more details. – The Flax Council of Canada,; and Glanbia Nutritionals, NS  
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