LycoRed Ltd. offers new formulations uniquely designed for hair and nail nutrition, based on vitamin B-complex and amino acids. LycoRed showcased these systems, made with LycoRed’s proprietary microencapsulation technology, at VitaFoods Europe in Geneva, Switzerland. Consumers recognize that vitamin B and amino acids build hair protein and protect nails. Officials say LycoRed’s microencapsulation dramatically improves the flowability and direct-compressible nature of B vitamins’ amino acids. Combining different nutrients with diverse organoleptic properties in dietary supplements is not always easy, due to undesired aromas or flavors, such as with vitamin B1, methionine, etc. It is essential to use microencapsulation technology for these ingredients in order to mask the unwanted aspects. Now, with LycoRed’s new formulations, the options for manufacturers are expanding. Says one official: “With our advanced microencapsulation technology, it’s possible to mask negative odors and tastes in ‘beauty-from-within’ products that help maintain the vitality of hair and nails. The biggest challenge with vitamin B is being able to offer an odorless product. LycoRed has now overcome that challenge.” — LycoRed,www.lycored.comNS