Once again, Prepared Foods, under its NutraSolutions brand, offers the “Ingredients for Health Reference” to provide market data and information on commercially available ingredients that assist in the development of products targeting various health benefits. From ingredients such as chia seed and red tomato for antioxidant supplementation, to the colors, flavors and textures used to make nutraceutical products attractive and palatable, this section offers a comprehensive range of information.


The categories are as follows:

• Antioxidants for Health

• Bone and Joint Health

• Cancer: Reducing Risk

• Cardiovascular Health

• Cognitive Health

• Diabetic Benefits

• Digestive Health

• Energy and/or Sports Performance

• Eye Health

• Immunity Enhancement

• Weight Management and

• General Health


Digestive Health

Fiber fortification has become a real force in the functional foods space, as it is generally accepted that many consumers are not getting enough in their diets on a daily basis. Also, the natural, inherent fiber content in many foods is now claimed to attract consumers looking to get more. “High source of fiber” and “with added fiber” are general fiber claim examples evident from analysis of global product launch activity from the Innova Database. More specific digestive/gut health claims are generally associated with various probiotic formulations, with yogurt (23.5%) and drinking yogurt/fermented beverages (14.4%) the leading market categories with a digestive/gut health positioning, according to 2011 global product launch activity from the Innova Database. Other market categories of note include tea (4.5%), breakfast cereals (2.9%), and juice and juice drinks (2.5%).

—Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insights, helpdesk@innovami.com, www.innovadatabase.com


Fiber Benefits from Chicory

BENEO’s Orafti inulin and oligofructose are soluble, prebiotic fibers derived from chicory. They are not digested in the stomach or small intestine, so they reach the large intestine intact. Unlike most other dietary fibers, they are selectively fermented by the intestinal flora (mainly bifidobacteria), promoting optimal intestinal function. This is called “the prebiotic effect.” BENEO’s dietary fibers are the best researched prebiotics worldwide. In addition to their beneficial effect on the human gut flora, studies also show that inulin and oligofructose may help the body to absorb more calcium and to lower energy intake, and thus support weight management. With the easy integration of BENEO’s Orafti inulin and oligofructose into food and drink applications, including dairy, bakery, cereals, beverages, confectionery and even baby food, these functional ingredients are now used in a wide variety of products to add nutritional and health benefits. BENEO Inc., 973- 867-2140, info.usa@beneo.com, www.beneo.com


Strong Prebiotic Fiber

Fibregum is a bioactive soluble fiber, GMO-free and carefully selected acacia gum. The fibregum product line offers a guaranteed minimum of 90% soluble fiber on a dry-weight basis and offers numerous health and nutrition benefits for gut transit. Fibregum is a strong prebiotic that helps balance the intestinal microbial ecosystem, especially in the distal colon. Fibregum is highly functional and has been successfully formulated in a wide selection of applications: beverages, bars and snacks, meal substitutes and dietary supplements. Thanks to its technological properties, it is also very easy to use as a tableting agent, flowing agent and excipient. Nexira Health USA, Franck Gillet, sales manager, 908-704-7494, f.gillet@nexira.com, www.nexira.com


A Natural Source of Soluble Fiber

An excellent source of soluble fiber, gum acacia belongs to the family of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP). It has been shown to stimulate intestinal microflora, which can contribute to good digestive health. Gum acacia has excellent solubility and good emulsification properties, and it is easily dispersible. When incorporated into foods and beverages, it contributes to fiber content; provides a source of complex carbohydrates; and improves the formulation of the products without any adverse effects on texture or taste. Gum acacia also is label-friendly, due to its natural, high-soluble dietary fiber content. Primary applications for Instantized Seyal Gum Acacia, from Farbest, include encapsulation and confectionary coatings. Farbest Brands, Lorna Samgour, 201-573-4900, lsamgour@farbest.com, www.farbest.com


Fight GERD with Fenugreek Fiber

FenuLife (Frutarom LifeLine) is a unique source of deodorized galactomannan fiber derived from fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum). The high level of standardized soluble dietary fiber is obtained from a non-GMO, proprietary variety of the plant. In the stomach, FenuLife absorbs moisture and forms a thick, viscous mass which is responsible for three primary effects: anti-reflux, anti-secretory and anti-ulcer. Chief among these is the clinically demonstrated effect on acid reflux and and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). The clinical trial demonstrated that FenuLife provides a safe, natural, fast-acting alternative to a commonly prescribed drug used for the same conditions (DiSilvestro et al, “Anti-Heartburn Effects of a Fenugreek Fiber Product,” Phytother. Res. 2010). FenuLife can be administered in different formats and applications, including encapsulation, in dry powder and pre-moistened.  In addition to the clinical trial, patents are pending for the specific actions of reduction of heartburn and GERD symptoms on this ingredient.  Frutarom, Eden Somberg, technical specialist, 952-303-1845, ESomberg@frutarom.com, www.fenulife.com


Effective Baobab Fiber

Known all over the world as a superfruit, baobab contains an extraordinary blend of dietary fiber and vitamins, such as C, B1, and B2.  It also is loaded with the minerals calcium, iron and magnesium. Nutraceuticals International Group is proud to be the exclusive distributors of Baozene, the world’s only naturally purified Baobab fruit powder extract to contain standardized 70% fiber. Using a proprietary manufacturing process, Baozene powder is the easiest, most effective way to add fiber, antioxidants and essential nutrients to any product. While providing the health benefits of baobab fruit, Baozene is also low in calories, sugar, fat and carbohydrates. It is soluble in hot and cold water, so adding fiber and vital nutrients to any product is simple and easy. The benefits of ingesting the proper amount of dietary fiber have received significant clinical focus. Research shows that fiber benefits digestive health, heart health and weight management. It can help lower the risks of many cardiovascular, infectious and respiratory diseases. In an article featured on WebMD.com, Elaine Magee, MPH, RD, and Louise Chang, MD, report that “eating a high-fiber diet has shown to lower blood cholesterol levels, improve and prevent constipation, and slow digestion.” Additionally, according to Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., author of The Columetnics Eating Plan, people consuming diets high in fiber tend to eat less and lose weight. Nutraceuticals International Group, Nichole De Block, marketing director, 201-399-2333 or 800-651-2587, Nichole@nutraintlgroup.com  NS