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Green coffee bean (GCB) extract has become one of the most popular weight-loss ingredients, but not all GCBs are created equal. As one of the most the most heavily researched and efficacy supported GCB extracts available, Naturex Inc.’s Svetol is the most potent form of the nutraceutical compound currently available. Chlorogenic acids are the key coffee substances responsible for assisting in weight loss. To achieve the highest efficacy, extracts need to have a balanced profile of chlorogenic acids (a number of products focus on a single chlorogenic acid compound). Svetol has proven its mode of action through controlled in vitro lab studies. Further, the primary health benefits, including weight loss and improved body composition, have been established through several clinical trials. Research indicates these compounds support weight loss by slowing down the absorption of sugars in the bloodstream. They also have demonstrated a thermogenic effect. Naturex utilizes a specific source of robusta coffee beans, which contain up to twice the chlorogenic acid content as the more widely-used Arabica beans. These green robusta beans, via a proprietary processing technology to extract the bioactive compounds, provide a high concentration of key chlorogenic acids, at a level of at least 45%, with high bioavailability and including removal of compounds found to produce negative side-effects.
—Naturex Inc.,