Older adults commonly develop a reduced ability to digest lactose, the primary sugar found in dairy. Lactase enzyme pills are the common avenue for many to enjoying dairy, but EnWave Corp. has successfully used its proprietary Radiant Energy Vacuum dehydration technology to enrich its line of nutraDRIED fruit products with the enzyme B-galactosidase—an enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose. To the company’s knowledge, this is the first time dried fruit has been used as a carrier for B-galactosidase. The enzyme gradually releases from the fruit, breaking down the lactose before the milk enters the large intestine, thus avoiding the negative side effects caused by lactose intolerance or sensitivity. The enzyme retained 90% of its activity within the fruit’s natural structure at 10% moisture, even after several months of storage at room temperature. The nutraDRIED B-galactosidase-enriched fruit is designed to be used as an ingredient in cereal mixes made especially for lactose-sensitive and -intolerant individuals.
—EnWave Corp., www.enwave.net