energy drink, coffee, Verve MojoeVemma Nutrition Company, Tempe, Ariz., says new Verve MoJoe is “perfect for both the coffee obsessed and the health-conscious coffee drinker.”

Officials say the 15oz product features 1oz of Vemma’s physician-formulated and clinically studied Vemma formula, along with energy-enhancing nutrients of the company’s Verve Energy Blend. New Verve Mojoe also contains Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, non-dairy coconut cream, wild-crafted  mangosteen, organic aloe vera, organic green tea, all-natural sweeteners, 12 full-spectrum vitamins and essential plant-sourced minerals. Verve MoJoe has just 60 calories, 1.5g of fat, 6g of all-natural sweeteners and 80mg of natural caffeine per serving.

“In today’s market, consumers are seeking premium coffee-based beverages that are big on flavor, made with the highest quality ingredients, and perfect for their health-conscious lifestyles,” says Vemma founder and CEO BK Boreyko. “Verve MoJoe fits those criteria perfectly.”

Boreyko founded Vemma in 2004. Today, its liquid nutrition brands include Verve, a healthy energy drink; and Bod-e, a weight loss line.


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