LifewayKefir225.jpgLifeway Foods, Inc. put the power of protein behind its kefir products with new Lifeway Protein Kefir, a three-SKU line extension designed to aid in muscle recovery after exercise. It's one of a series of new products being showcased at Lifeway's Booth #3446 at this week's Natural Products Expo West trade show in Anaheim, joining a no-sugar-added ProBugs probiotic smoothie for kids, a limited-edition Lowfat Watermelon Kefir for summer, and a new 16 oz size of nine standard Lifeway kefir and organic kefir flavors that makes it easy for consumers to change kefir varieties from day to day to suit their tastes du jour.

The new kefir creations are the latest additions to Lifeway's menu of 'Good for more than just you' products, fitting the theme of the company's recently launched ad campaign. Made with a focus on sustainability, sourcing local and regional milk free from synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics and using non-genetically modified ingredients, all 14 new Lifeway SKU fit in perfectly with the Lifeway mission to make high quality probiotic products accessible to all. All bottles are also 100% recyclable and BPA-free. Result? Lifeway products are good for the body and good for the environment, too.

Lifeway Protein Kefir – Your Post-Workout Protein Boost!

With 20 grams of protein per serving, the new Lifeway Protein Kefir is a tasty, probiotic way to promote muscle recovery after a session at the gym, a game on the racquetball court, or any other vigorous exercise. The extra boost of protein also promotes satiety and thereby decreases appetite, making it a perfect "anytime" pick-me-up - with or without a workout - that helps control unhealthy snacking.

This cultured milk smoothie with Lifeway's trademark tart and tangy taste combines 12 live and active probiotic cultures with the perfect amount of protein considered optimal by sports nutritionists to aid muscle repair. It's a probiotic-plus-protein punch that not only leverages the carbohydrates in the kefir to increase protein absorption, but also provides the immunity-enhancing benefits of probiotics to help keep both casual exercisers and serious athletes in the game.

Lifeway Protein Kefir will be sold in 16 oz bottles - enough for two servings - in banana, mixed berry and vanilla flavors. There's no need to make your own protein shake and none of the additives contained in other protein drinks, feeding your body only with natural ingredients. Simply drink your dose 30 minutes after a workout - the time when your muscles will get the most benefit from the protein - and enjoy.

Lifeway 'Pretty Plain' ProBugs – Hold the Sugar, Keep the Fun!

If sugar drives you buggy, Lifeway ProBugs' new Pretty Plain flavor will be just the ticket for your kids' snack time. It's the first no-sugar-added flavor in Lifeway's popular line of organic whole milk kefir smoothies designed for younger children, and it comes in the same fun 4 oz sippy pouch as the rest of the ProBugs family. That means an easy grip for little hands along with a no-spill spout - exclusive to Lifeway - that makes it car-safe.

Personified on the package by a cartoon bug character named Pretty Plain Pearl who "likes her life clean," the new product joins ProBugs' Sublime Slime Lime, Orange Creamy Crawler, Goo Berry Pie, Strawnana Split and Kiwi Kale Critter varieties - each with its own giggle-inducing persona to keep kids entertained. Every flavor is filled with seven to ten billion CFUs of 10 live and active cultures friendly bacteria per cup, high in protein and calcium, gluten-free and 99% lactose-free.

Lifeway Lowfat Watermelon Kefir – Tastes Like Summer!

Summer is synonymous with watermelon, and now Lifeway is celebrating the season with a limited-edition Lowfat Watermelon Kefir that will hit store shelves in June. This summertime special is lightly sweetened with only 8 grams of additional sugar and has just 20 fat calories in each 140-calorie serving. It's also 99% lactose-free, gluten-free and all-natural with 12 live and active probiotic cultures, 11 grams of protein, and 30% of your daily recommended calcium, plus the natural watermelon flavor everyone loves - no melon carving needed! Lifeway Kefir in 16 oz Bottles – Easy Mix & Match!

You asked for it - you got it - a new 16 oz bottle that lets you open more than one kefir flavor at a time and keep each one fresh while alternating flavors on a daily basis as your tastebuds move you! The new size will be available in Plain, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry or Pomegranate varieties of Lifeway Kefir, as well as Plain, Blueberry, Pomegranate/Acai or Strawberries 'n Cream flavors of Lifeway Organic Kefir. Brand new size - same fabulous taste - and still 99% lactose-free and gluten-free as well as lowfat, low calorie, and a great source of calcium and protein.