ICL Food Specialties’ Licresse™ natural food ingredient is a licorice plant extract with applications for food and beverages. Licresse is naturally high in antioxidant phenolic compounds, which makes it a versatile ingredient for most types of meat, bakery, dairy and beverage products. 

Licorice is one of the oldest natural flavorings with a long history of use in traditional foods and medicines. An innovative ingredient, Licresse, is extracted from the roots of the licorice plant and is minimally processed. Licresse can be utilized in foods that are susceptible to oxidation and that can benefit from addition of a natural flavor.

Functional benefits:

- Effectively reduces rancidity and development of off-flavors
- Delays oxidation and prolongs shelf life
- Stabilizes color
- Natural ingredient derived from licorice plant

Licresse is available as a pure extract (Licresse FC) and as a blend with an inert natural carrier (Licresse B). Licresse FC and Licresse B are free-flowing light brown powders with characteristic odor.

Licorice is permitted as a natural flavor affirmed as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and approved under 21 CFR 184.1408. Licresse can be labeled as licorice, licorice extract or as a natural flavor. Licresse is a minimally processed extract from the licorice root. Licresse is Kosher certified and allergen free. Typical usage levels are between 200 – 1,000 ppm depending on the product and application.

— ICL Food Specialties, www.iclfood.com