Offering 36 grams of protein in a rich and creamy smoothie, B’more Organic introduces subtly sweet Strawberry to its line of silky, no sugar added, skyr protein smoothies. This summer, enjoy a traditional flavor favorite that both children and parents love.

B’more Organic’s Strawberry smoothie provides a walk down memory lane with a traditional childhood favorite and is full of flavor and fragrance with a hint of tang. Parents and kids can rejuvenate this summer with succulent sweetness and a tangy berry bite with each delicious sip!

“The traditional flavor of Strawberry is immediately recognizable and is by no means overpowering”, says Andrew Buerger, Founder of B’more Organic. “Our Strawberry skyr smoothie not only provides families with the sweet flavor of strawberry, but also provides 36 grams of protein to help fuel spring and summertime activity.”

B’more Organic Icelandic-style skyr smoothies provide a creamy taste with the benefit of 2-3 times the protein content of Greek yogurt. Made with milk from organic, grass fed family farms and without added sugar, B’more Organic smoothies provide a nutritionally beneficial treat to enjoy any time of day and come in five enchanting flavors: Vanilla, Café Latte, Banana, Mango Banana, and newly introduced Strawberry.

B’more Organic’s fruity and creamy varieties offer rich protein in a silky skyr smoothie, perfect for warm weather indulgence. With the addition of Strawberry, Americans can bask in a traditional flavor favorite packed with nutritional goodness. Fuel the body and “B’more Healthy” this summer with B’more Organic skyr smoothies.