Rapid, sustained growth in the U.S. organic food market continues as recent data demonstrates that 81% of American families report purchasing organic products when they shop. Making it easier for consumers to “B’more Healthy, B’more Giving, and B’more Green”, B’more Organic (www.bmoreorganic.com) - a brand of protein rich, Icelandic style skyr smoothies - launches its West Coast distribution with availability in over 1,000 new locations through its newest partnership with retail giants Kroger, Loews Foods, and Harris Teeter.

An excellent source of protein and calcium, B’more Organic skyr smoothies are made from skim milk and are naturally loaded with healthy probiotics. Blended with creamy, Icelandic-style skyr, B’more Organic smoothies are available in six delicious flavors including: Plain Skyr, Banana, Mango Banana, Vanilla, Caffe Latte, and newly launched Strawberry. Recently, the brand also introduced its updated label design, with a clean look that highlights each specific flavor and the benefits of the nutrients bottled inside. Every bottle clearly displays each variety’s nutritional information, along with easy to read health facts, including protein content (all of which offer a minimum of 30 grams per bottle), USDA Organic seal, milk from grass-fed cows, and Gluten Free label.

Consumers can now enjoy B’more Organics’ delicious skyr smoothies, nationwide at the following grocery stores:

  • Kroger’s: The largest national grocery retailer, Kroger Co. and its subsidiaries have stores in almost every state.
  • Lowes Foods: A Winston Salem, North Carolina-based chain of supermarkets which began as a single store in 1954 and has since grown to operate more than 100 stores throughout North and South Carolina.
  • Harris Teeter: An American supermarket chain with stores in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, and Delaware. “People are becoming more aware of what they put into their bodies, and make a conscious effort to ‘B’more Healthy’ with all organic products”, says Andrew Buerger, B’more Organic CEO. “Our goal is to make a healthy lifestyle desirable, from taste to convenience B’more Organic smoothies are designed to enrich daily activities.”

As a Certified B Corporation passionate about social and environmental commitment, B’more Organic gives 1% of all profits to charity through Jodi’s Climb for Hope; an organization which raises money to fund promising breast cancer and Multiple Sclerosis research.

Newly available from coast to coast, B’more Organic Skyr Smoothies allow consumers to indulge in a convenient, rich and creamy beverage. B’more Organic now shares its commitment nationwide; to “B’more Healthy, B’more Giving, B’more Green”.