West Life™, the plant-based brand formerly known as Westsoy, is championing soy protein as a source of fuel and positive change with a new brand name and a new line of 16g Protein Smoothie Blends at retailers across the nation. The new blends are packed with 16g of complete protein from soy and nine essential amino acids in versatile Chocolate and Unsweetened Plain flavors.

West Life 16g Protein Smoothie Blends are dairy-free, Non-GMO Project Verified and certified gluten-free. The new blends have an SRP of $5.69 and come in 32fl-oz, shelf-stable containers, which makes them easy to stock up on in a pantry or refrigerator for on-the-go energy. They can be enjoyed as a smooth, tasty base for daily smoothies, by the glass, or even over cereal and oats

Striving to care for the planet and its people is a core pillar of the West Life™ brand, which offers a variety of plant-based milks that have a lower environmental impact1 than dairy. This philosophy aligns with the values and goals of the brand owner, SunOpta, which specializes in the pursuit of planet-friendly sourcing, processing, and production of organic plant-based food and beverages.

SunOpta’s latest product, West Life™ 16g Protein Smoothie Blends, is now available nationwide at retailers such as Whole Foods Market, ShopRite, Walmart.com and Amazon.com for anyone looking to deliciously fuel their day.