Moms and dads put your aprons, steamers and food processors down, Beech-Nut Nutrition Company (Beech- Nut) has made its debut into USDA organic baby food with its new organic line. The Product of the Year-winning brand is giving parents a helping hand when it comes to feeding their baby organic fruits and vegetables. The new taste bud-enticing line is real food for babies™ with the same bright colors and bold flavors of homemade foods. 

"Parents asked for organic and we answered," said Jeff Boutelle, president of Beech-Nut. "Organic options are available in the fruit and vegetable aisle in the grocery store and we want Beech-Nut to be part of the same option in the baby food aisle, allowing parents to make the best choices for their family's needs."

Beech-Nut incorporated some of parents' favorite foods from its 100% naturals line into the organic line like carrots and sweet potatoes, which contain just carrots and just sweet potatoes, and nothing else. It also added even more unique combinations to the organic line for mom and baby to enjoy, including apple, raspberry & avocado, peas & spinach, and butternut squash & sweet corn. Yes, butternut squash, kale, avocado and quinoa are part of real food for babies™.

The organic line uses the same just gentle cooking™ process, a method similar to the way parents make food at home. The process doesn't add any excess water or cook the nutrients away, resulting in food with textures, colors and flavors that looks, tastes and feels as close to homemade as possible. To learn more about the unique just gentle cooking™ process, visit Beech-Nut's website.

Beech-Nut is inspired by Mom making homemade baby food, pushing the boundaries of food combinations and using high quality ingredients. The organic line comes in transparent honeypot glass jars, and features the USDA-certified organic seal, an indication of GMO-free food. Beech-Nut is continuously working to earn verification from the Non-GMO Project to ensure parents have full transparency about what does – and does not – go into the food they feed their baby. Parents can check the verification status of their favorite flavors at

"Our organic line builds upon our commitment to parents to offer the choices that best suit their family. This includes fruits and vegetables that retain their true colors, flavors, aromas, textures and nutrients," continued Boutelle. "This is not only important to parents, but also helps set the foundation of healthy eating habits for babies later on in life."

This year, Beech-Nut was awarded Product of the Year in the baby category for its 100% naturals and organic lines, as selected by more than 40,000 consumers in a national representative survey conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), a global leader in consumer research surveyed nationwide.