CLIF Organic Energy Food is crafted for endurance athletes who want energy and essential nutrients for long-duration activities from real food ingredients. Unique to the performance nutrition category, CLIF Organic Energy Food lets athletes satisfy their craving for either real fruit or salty comfort food, in a convenient, resealable pouch. CLIF Organic Energy Food complements our other performance products, providing athletes with another performance nutrition option. Providing a range of both sweet and savory flavors may help increase athletes’ total energy intake by combating palate fatigue, which can potentially benefit performance.

CLIF Organic Energy Food is designed to specifically meet the nutritional needs of endurance athletes during extended activity using real food ingredients. Both sweet and savory recipes provide significant energy from carbohydrates, plus savory pouches have more protein, fat and electrolytes (including sodium), than you’ll find in a pureed snack product designed for babies, kids or for use outside an athletic occasion. Both also have athlete-friendly textures to feed a real food craving during activity. We chose this packaging simply because it works well for athletes on the go – portable, resealable, easy to eat – but the products are not appropriate for the nutritional needs of babies or kids, or a replacement for other pureed products that are not designed with an athlete in mind.

CLIF Organic Energy Food does not contain animal ingredients. Those CLIF products with a label that includes a precautionary statement such as ‘contains’ or ‘may contain milk, dairy, egg or shellfish’ may have possible cross-contact with an animal source in the making of our food. Knowing that information you can decide how comfortable you are with the risk of possible cross contact due to your own dietary preferences or dietary restrictions.

CLIF Organic Energy Food is gluten-free.