L.V. Lomas Inc. has been chosen by Palsgaard to exclusively distribute and sell its specialty food emulsifiers in the United States, targeting bakery, chocolate, confections, spreads and margarines.

“At Palsgaard, we are completely dedicated to achieving the very best results for our customers at all times,” said Rosa Regalado, general manager, Palsgaard Incorporated. “More often than not, we go beyond their expectations.”

“As we continue to grow in the American market,” she continued, “it has been our priority to create the right strategies and choose the right partners to continue to provide high quality service to our customers. We are partnering with L.V. Lomas, which can provide the technical sales expertise we need for our products.”

Sally Crawford, U.S. marketing director, L.V. Lomas Inc., noted the synergy between the companies. “Palsgaard has a long history of innovation in emulsifiers,” she said, “and we look forward to working closely in order to grow the business with our technical sales approach in distribution. This is a great and exciting opportunity for both L.V. Lomas and Palsgaard to serve U.S. specialty food manufacturers and grow together.”