Blue Diamond Growers announced the BOLD campaign asking consumers, friends and families to "Be BOLD" and embrace their inner heat, sweet or spice in their everyday. The campaign is coupled with the launch of the newest addition to Blue Diamond’s BOLD almond line – the Sriracha almond. The new flavor, which will be the latest addition to a family of bold flavors including Wasabi & Soy Sauce, Habanero BBQ and Salt & Vinegar, brings a hot bite of chili and garlic flavor to the portfolio.

“Life is all about making bold choices and creating an impact in your own life or in the lives of others,” said Al Greenlee, Marketing Director for Consumer Products. “In honor of our newest bold flavor of Sriracha Snack Almonds, we are asking consumers to embrace this call to action. Big or small, we can all manage to be bold in our everyday lives – whether it is trying a new recipe or standing up for something you truly believe in.”

According to market researcher Mintel Innovation, 54 percent of consumers prefer hot or spicy sauces, dips and condiments over their tamer counterparts. Blue Diamond is one of the first major (multi-million dollar) food brands to introduce a Sriracha flavored almond to market and, with more than 25 great tasting varieties, the brand has savory, sweet and now hot flavors to satisfy any taste craving.

“Consumers can’t get enough of Sriracha and naturally, we wanted to bring that pop of flavor to almonds,” said Greenlee. “We know snacking trends constantly evolve and right now, heat is king. Pairing the almond, a great, portable snack with six grams of protein per one ounce serving, with this bold popular flavor is a win for all.”

Consumers can look for the item in six ounce cans and 1.5 ounce tube packages in retailers throughout the country.