Novel Ingredients, under new leadership, recently launched its new brand marketing position, “Wellness from Within™.” This position covers Novel’s entire offering of highly differentiated, clinically backed ingredients; best-in-class processing technologies; and a trusted supply of premier botanicals for the nutraceutical, food, personal care and pet food industries.

Accompanying this brand position and new visual brand identity is the launch of its patented energy performance ingredient, Kinetiq™, which Novel will debut at SupplySide West 2015, Booth #1821.

Recognizing that consumers now seek to achieve holistic wellness through food, supplements, and personal care, Novel assigned the “Wellness from Within” concept as a guiding value to reflect not only this consumer trend but also the evolution of the company’s offerings, including its vertically integrated suite of services.

“With interest in health and wellness continually growing among consumers, we felt the time was right—and necessary—to refine and clarify our focus on improving health inside and out,” says Peter Bradley, CEO. “And this isn’t just a rehash of holistic health or general wellness—what we’re anticipating and the shift we’re evolving to target is the concept of food as medicine.

He adds, “This shift is massive. The lines between the supplements and food industries are blurring at a rapid pace, and we’ve positioned ourselves to help both consumers and manufacturers navigate this shift.”

Among Novel’s suite of wellness ingredient innovations is a line of uniquely flavor balanced vegan proteins, proprietary processes for absorption and binding, and a line of premium botanicals drawn from Novel’s vertically integrated supply chain. Additionally, Novel is now offering customers specialized sourcing and traceability programs, including its proprietary DNA PUR™ selection of identity-certified botanicals.

“This new brand position allows us to better communicate our real value to a changing industry,” notes Jeff Avila, vice president of marketing. “Given the scale of our recent investments—including our new 40,000-sq.-ft. food pharma-grade manufacturing plant in New Jersey—and the pace at which we continue to develop new products and technologies, we’ve become so much more than an ingredient services company—we’ve become true vertically integrated partners.”

One key innovation under the new Novel brand is the evolution and launch of Kinetiq, a new stimulant-free performance ingredient that delivers energy, thermogenic, and resistance training performance benefits—all backed by over a dozen human safety and efficacy clinical studies. Ideal as an ingredient for both active fitness and weight management applications, Kinetiq is available in a range of new delivery forms and product prototypes, including beverage powders, ready-to-drink, and chews.

Visit Novel at SupplySide West, Booth #1821, to learn more about the new Novel Ingredients, explore the “Wellness from Within” position and learn about the potential of Kinetiq.

— Novel Ingredient Services LLC,