Biorigin will use Food Ingredients Europe, Booth #6R37, to showcase BioSavour, a new natural, non-GMO flavor produced via fermentation. BioSavour delivers light, mouth-watering savory flavor and flavor enhancement.

The product was developed by Biorigin´s R&D team to fulfill the demand for mild, clean flavor delivery and enhancement. BioSavour works in synergy with existing formulations. It maintains and builds off the integrity of your desired flavor profile—while it adds a creamy mouth-watering effect and full mouthfeel to any product.

Applications include soups, broths, condiments, sauces, salty snacks, meats, seasonings, cheeses, savory and meat products and others.

Biorigin also will use FIE to highlight its complete portfolio of natural solutions in yeast extract and natural flavors for savoury flavor delivery and enhancement, Umami, mouthfeel, sodium reduction, off-note masking and nutritional supplementation.

Biorigin ingredients are clean label, Non GMO and sustainable. They also are certified ISO 9001 and 22000, HACCP, kosher and halal, and have full traceability.

Created in 2003, Biorigin is a Brazilian company concerned about people´s health and wellbeing. The company’s is fully dedicated to the development of innovative sustainable solutions-based on biotechnology: yeast extracts, natural flavours, bakers, brewers, autolyzed, selenium, cell wall and beta‐glucan yeast. Biorigin is part of Zilor, a more than 65‐year old successful business listed in the #200 Brazilian´s major corporate groups. Zilor transforms sugarcane in food and clean energy, respecting the environment and the communities where the company operates.