Kaua`i's award-winning Kōloa Rum Company announces its new Kaua`i Coffee Rum, the result of a licensing agreement between the Kaua`i distiller and Kauai Coffee Company.

Kaua`i's award-winning Kōloa Rum debuts its new Kaua`i Coffee Rum, a celebration of the agricultural products of the Hawaiian Islands, in conjunction with Kauai Coffee Company.

Kaua`i Coffee Rum blends locally grown and dark-roasted Kauai Coffee® with Kōloa White Rum and pure Hawaiian cane sugar. It has a rich flavor with bold notes of coffee and cocoa.

The new offering expands Kōloa Rum's portfolio of rum and rum-related products and includes a striking new bottle and label design. It has been released in time for the 2015 Holiday Season.

"Kaua`i Coffee Rum is a true Kaua`i-made product that exemplifies the remarkable diversity of agriculture on Kaua`i and the potential for innovation in creating exceptional value-added products," said Kōloa Rum Company President and CEO Bob Gunter.

"Kaua`i Coffee Company, which operates the largest coffee plantation in the Islands, is at the leading edge of coffee production technology. They produce outstanding coffee grown on the sunny slopes of southern Kaua`i, where we also grow much of our sugar cane. Our collaboration in developing Kaua`i Coffee Rum demonstrates the ongoing engagement within our local diversified agricultural industry. We are proud to have this association with them," Gunter said.

Regarding the Kauai Coffee Rum licensing agreement, Fred Cowell, General Manager, Kauai Coffee Company, said: "It's the perfect combination of two locally grown, historically significant crops. Our companies are both dedicated to quality and take great pride in what we do, so the ability to showcase our passion for coffee and theirs for rum in such a distinctive product is a wonderful opportunity. The results speak for themselves and we can't help but think Kaua`i Coffee Rum will be well received in the marketplace"