Smart Flour Foods introduced family-size pizza to its award-winning lineup of ancient grain based products. The larger product size is designed to appeal to mainstream consumers looking for better-for-you alternatives to classic comfort foods.

Like all of Smart Flour Foods’ products, the family-size pizza lineup features a clean ingredient deck and is certified gluten free. The pizza crust is made with a proprietary gluten-free flour blend that contains sorghum, amaranth and teff. These whole grains give the pizza a classic texture and enhanced nutritional profile.

In fact, thanks to its ancient-grain ingredients, Smart Flour Foods’ pizza is often higher in protein, iron and calcium than other leading gluten-free pizza brands and typically higher in vitamins A, C and calcium than some conventional pizza brands. The new family-size pizzas feature Smart Flour Foods’ legacy flavors, Uncured Pepperoni, Garden Margherita and Classic Cheese, while introducing a new addition, Italian Sausage.