Seattle Chocolate Company is set to debut a new superfood chocolate bar infused with CoffeeFlour®, the new nutrient-dense super-ingredient made from dried coffee cherry pulp, to the jcoco American couture chocolate line: jcoco arabica cherry espresso in dark chocolate. The inclusion of CoffeeFlour® enhances the new jcoco chocolate bar with a berry-forward flavor balanced with jcoco's signature dark chocolate, and marks another first for the company as the only chocolate confectioner in the world to be incorporating this superfood newcomer.

"CoffeeFlour® shares our commitment to responsible sourcing and producing flavorful foods," said Jean Thompson, Seattle Chocolate Company owner and CEO. "Our new chocolate is not only sourced with a commitment to the greater good, including the economic betterment of farmers, and protection and preservation of our environment, but is nutritiously beneficial for all – made with dark chocolate rich in vitamins and minerals, and the power punch of the new global impact food, CoffeeFlour®."

jcoco arabica cherry espresso in dark chocolate blends Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa and the whole coffee cherry: CoffeeFlour® from the fruit pulp and fresh ground espresso from the bean. CoffeeFlour® converts coffee fruit pulp, a largely wasted by-product of green coffee production, into a nutrient-rich ingredient suitable for cooking and baking. With its smoky, citrus and roasted fruit notes, CoffeeFlour® adds a unique flavor when paired with chocolate – offering consumers a delectable chocolate experience, inspired by ingredients from around the globe.