Green Valley Organics launched its new lactose-free kefir flavor, Green Apple Kale. The new flavor is available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide at a suggested retail price of $5.29, with wider distribution at natural food stores later in the year.

The new kefir flavor, Green Apple Kale with hints of lemon and ginger, is made with simple ingredients just like you would use at home for a fresh, green smoothie. The idea was to combine all the goodness of kale and fruit with the benefits of organic dairy - such as protein and calcium - in yogurt drink. Perfect for back-to-school lunches and for people on the go, the new flavor features healthy greens and fruits for a nutritious breakfast, a healthy lunch, or a rejuvenating post-workout drink.

“We’re thrilled to offer this new great-tasting dairy product that lactose-intolerant people and their families can enjoy. This new kefir is not only delicious and organic, it’s the ‘real deal’ – real dairy for those with sensitive stomachs or just people who want a fast, healthy snack free of unnecessary ingredients, “ said Jennifer Bice, CEO and President, Green Valley Organics.

The organic milk and cream used in Green Valley Organics lactose-free dairy come from certified organic family farms in the heart of Sonoma County, located north of San Francisco along the California coast. All Green Valley Organics lactose-free kefirs are certified organic, certified kosher, and gluten-free.