Franzese™ announced new gelato and pasta mix product lines through its partnership with KitchenAid®. These mixes have been specifically designed for use with the KitchenAid® Stand Mixer’s Ice Cream Maker and Pasta Maker attachments, and can be made in 11 minutes.

“We are really excited about our partnership with KitchenAid®,” Paolo Franzese, CEO of Franzese™, says. “It’s a company that thrives on innovation, which is our sole focus. So the partnership is a perfect match.”

“We’re delighted to partner with another brand that encourages cooks to experiment and build their culinary skills at their own pace,” added Michael Huie, global business unit director for KitchenAid®. “Considering that tens of millions of American kitchens are outfitted with our stand mixers we’re confident that these mixes will become a staple in many pantries.”

Franzese™ gelato and pasta mixes contain clean, non-synthetic ingredients, many of which are sourced in Italy. The gelato mix will be offered in a variety of popular flavors, including Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon and Strawberry. The pasta mix is offered in five flavors. The Classic Egg, Whole Wheat, Garlic & Parsley and Spinach mixes are produced within the United States, with 100% durum wheat semolina flour that has been imported from Italy. The Gluten-free pasta mix is sourced within the United States with certified ingredients.

The gelato and pasta mixes will hit specialty retailer shelves throughout the United States September 1, 2016. The gelato mix SRP is $14.99 while the pasta mix is yet to be disclosed. One gelato box contains two batches of gelato (approximately three pints), while the pasta box contains a single batch, enough to make approximately 1 pound of fresh pasta.