Effective protein management is critical to new product development. That’s why ICL Food Specialties used the recent Research Chefs Association exhibition in Denver to highlight the company’s protein prowess and expertise. ICL showcased new product technology in a clear, low-pH, Strawberry Limeade whey protein beverage; as well as a meat alternative hot dog.

Acidic beverages with added protein have unique considerations and challenges. The protein must be stable, soluble and deliver the expected taste.

“Our Strawberry Limeade beverage has seven grams of protein, which is as much as an egg or a chicken breast,” says Aunna Sepulveda, an ICL food applications scientist. “Consumers may not have time to sit down and eat eggs for breakfast, but everyone has time to drink a bottle of protein water during the day—especially one that’s flavorful and thirst-quenching.”

“The beverage market is booming, and protein waters are especially popular for their convenience,” Sepulveda adds. “RCA attendees could experience the clean, refreshing flavor and superior quality of BEKAPLUS® BP 900, which can be used in a variety of protein and meal replacement drinks.”

ICL Food Specialties also showed its formulation and application expertise in the form of a meat alternative hot dog formulated with the ROVITARIS™ Protein System. This innovative product line provides premium texture and flavor with an appetizing, healthy meat-free option.

“The RCA event is really unique in its focus, with a group of scientists and culinary experts who help shape menu development and culinary trends,” says Melissa Machen, ICL Food Specialties application scientist. “We hosted food demonstrations in our booth to showcase our take on culinary trends and protein challenges to better help our customers formulate, innovate and create.”

RCA attendees could discuss specific formulation challenges with ICL Food Specialties scientists, including several Certified Culinary Scientists (CCS) on staff.

“The path to CCS certification was both intense and inspiring,” Machen says of achieving her certification. “The skills developed during this process will help us identify unique culinary trends and develop commercially viable, superior food products to respond to these trends.”

Sepulveda also is working toward her CCS.

“This achievement gives us another perspective through which to help our clients create delicious and functional solutions,” she says.

To learn more about ICL Food Specialties before the conference visit its new website www.iclfood.com.

About ICL Food Specialties
ICL Food Specialties offers a diverse portfolio of functional ingredients and extensive application experience. The ICL Food Specialties team has the expertise that inspires customers to innovate faster by selecting the right ingredients for function earlier in the development cycle. To learn more about how ICL Food Specialties’ market- and trend-focused experts can help you tailor a formulation without sacrificing taste, contact us at food@icl-group.com or www.iclfood.com.