Simple can still be delicious with ICL Food Specialties’ novel ingredients. Today’s health conscious consumers are more interested in food and beverage options with simpler ingredient statements. That’s why ICL Food Specialties will a delicious spin on this emerging industry trend at the Supply Side West exposition, Oct. 4- 8 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

“This conference and exposition is known for highlighting new trends with healthy enhancement and healthy reduction in food and beverage products,” says Nancy Stachiw, director, Applications Development, ICL Food Specialties. “We are excited to feature our new innovative functional ingredient systems for building texture into vegan food product development. From mayonnaise to dips, dressings and sauces, ICL Food Specialties’ new vegan, all-in-one system is free from eggs, soy, lactose, allergens and gluten – without sacrificing taste or the expected texture that consumers demand.”  

Show attendees are invited to stop by ICL’s Booth #QQ173 and taste the difference in the texture and how ICL’s protein expertise enables the science of stability and texture with simpler ingredients. Additionally, ICL will feature a new sparkling clear whey product for fortifying acidic beverages with unexpected features. 

Tastings include:

•    Masala Dip with Sweet Potato Chips – Dairy-free, soy-free and vegan dip with warm Indian spices. ROVITARIS™ VM 630 is a complete protein system for vegan mayo, dips and sauces, with strong emulsions for optimum stability. It provides excellent texture and mouthfeel with simple ingredients. 

•    Clearly Refreshing Strawberry Limeade (protein-fortified) – Uniquely clean flavored and clear whey protein beverage boasting 20g of protein per 16oz serving. Featuring BEKAPLUS® BP 900, which is protein-soluble in cold water and highly stable under pasteurization and UHT conditions. 

“Effective protein management is critical for achieving the taste, texture and mouthfeel that consumers expect and demand,” says Stachiw. “With this in mind, we developed these prototypes – one spicy, one sweet – from simple, quality ingredients. We look forward to sharing these, and to discussing other unique formulation challenges, with industry colleagues at Supply Side West.”

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About ICL Food Specialties

ICL Food Specialties offers a diverse portfolio of functional ingredients and extensive application experience. The ICL Food Specialties team has the expertise that inspires customers to innovate faster by selecting the right ingredients for function earlier in the development cycle. 

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