Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. expanded its Keurig KOLD beverage lineup with four new cocktail mixers – Union Street Lounge Moscow Mule and Old Fashioned and Rita’s and Tina’s Sparkling Cosmopolitan and Peach Julep. Now, even more favorite cocktail mixers can be fresh-made cold, on demand and ready to enjoy with the addition of spirits.

At just 35 calories before adding spirits, the Rita’s & Tina’s skinny Sparkling Cosmopolitan is the little black dress of cocktails – with a touch of bubbles. This beverage pod creates an expertly portioned skinny sparkling cosmopolitan mix that is precisely carbonated without the need for a CO2 canister and ready to enjoy with the addition of two ounces of vodka.

Get a little peachy with a skinny twist on a classic Mint Julep with Rita’s & Tina’s Peach Julep KOLD pod cocktail mixer. This low calorie cocktail mixer is a match with two ounces of bourbon.

Union St. Lounge introduced the copper mug classic, Moscow Mule KOLD pod cocktail mixer. With spicy ginger and refreshing lime flavors, the Moscow Mule is an addition to any occasion. Simply place the pod into the Keurig KOLD drinkmaker to make the cocktail mix, add two ounces of vodka.

With a balance of bitters, cane sugar, and hints of muddled orange and cherry flavors, Union St. Lounge Old Fashioned KOLD pod cocktail mixer is a flavorful option. Just add two ounces of whiskey to make the drink.

“We’re excited to expand the variety of cocktail mixers now being offered alongside the Keurig KOLD drinkmaker,” said Tara Murphy, Senior Vice President of Keurig KOLD. "The opportunity to make classic beverages all at the simple touch of a button makes entertaining at home easier and even more fun for cocktail lovers.”