Timothy Webster, Vice President - Global Business Development for David Michael & Co., was selected President of FEMA (Flavor & Extract Manufactures Association) at the 2016 annual convention.

When asked about what he hopes for FEMA in the coming year, Webster responded, “I am really excited to serve as FEMA’s 80th president. I hope to increase transparency, dialog, and the value proposition for our members so that we can continue to foster an environment in which the flavor industry can create, innovate, and compete.”

Webster is a Professional Member of the Society of Flavor Chemists, The British Society of Flavourists, Institute of Food Technologists, American Chemical Society, as well as other professional organizations. At David Michael, he oversees international operations in Europe, Asia, and Latin America and maintains responsibilities in vanilla. Prior to his current position, he has had responsibilities for Quality Control/Assurance, Regulatory Compliance, Technical Affairs, Analytical, and Pilot Plants. With a background in analytical chemistry, he has over 30 years of experience as a creative flavor chemist.