As today’s consumers increasingly demand products they consider to be clean label with consumer friendly ingredients, food and beverage formulators face a multitude of challenges.

Today’s formulators need an arsenal of protection solutions that are not only effective, but clean label as well. Kemin FORTRA™ natural plant extract can be that solution while serving as a valuable resource in the fight against oxidation and degradation.

FORTRA natural plant extract is derived from spearmint (Mentha spicata L.), a plant that is widely recognized for its flavoring attributes.Through a natural breeding process, Kemin has identified a proprietary spearmint variety with high levels of rosmarinic acid, a unique phenolic compound that is an oxygen- and heat-stable free radical scavenger. FORTRA is extracted using an environmentally friendly extraction process. With water-soluble FORTRA, beverage formulators can benefit from a protection solution that is effective, consistent, reliable, and easy to implement.

“We predict this line of spearmint extract is going to cause a stir in the food and beverage industry and be quite popular,” says Mackenzie Russo, marketing specialist, Kemin Food Technologies. “That’s because in addition to FORTRA’s protective benefits, it can also be used at lower dosage levels than rosmarinic acid derived from rosemary, offering better sensory attributes to final food applications. Another distinguishing benefit is FORTRA’s ease in dosing beverages, with the availability of dry and liquid formulas with different carriers.”

In whole fat milk products, FORTRA delays milk fat oxidation, providing protection in both liquid whole fat milk and whole fat milk powder. In fact, a study that examined the flavor protective effects of spearmint extract on whole fat milk resulted in a patent pending discovery regarding spearmint’s protection of odor and taste.

In other beverages, FORTRA also can provide both color and flavor protection by delaying oxidation. When tested in fruit punch colored with anthocyanin, the addition of FORTRA protected the beverage’s characteristic vibrant color. When tested in pink lemonade, the application of FORTRA slowed flavor degradation in treated samples.

By adding Kemin FORTRA to their protection solution cache, beverage formulators can easily respond to consumer demand for clean labels and provide fresh sensory characteristics.

How FORTRA helps formulators meet consumer demand:

• Clean label and plant-derived
• Sustainably grown (SCS Global Services Certified)
• Improved flavor impact on the beverages they love

How FORTRA meets formulator requirements:

• Water-soluble source of rosmarinic acid
• Liquid and dry formulas with different carriers to meet manufacturer’s needs • Easy to dose in beverages

Whether formulators are addressing milkfat, flavor, or color oxidation issues, FORTRA can provide successful solutions that make beverage formulation easier. Please visit for more information.

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