Yogurt Mountain partnered with Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. to create a limited-time flavor based on the popular Sour Power® Belts. Sour Power® Berry Blue Sorbet is Yogurt Mountain's first co-branded flavor and is now available in all Yogurt Mountain locations.

Sour Power® Berry Blue Sorbet is a twist on a fan-favorite candy. The Sour Power® Belts in a variety of flavors are available on the topping bar to top off the frozen treat. Additionally, select stores will carry new Sour Power® Sour Popping Candy for purchase at the register.

"We're honored to partner with Dorval to bring this exclusive flavor to our stores. Yogurt Mountain fans are going to love this new vibrant blue Sour Power® Berry Blue flavor," said Julie Wade, Vice President of Yogurt Mountain. "The Sour Power® Belts are some of the most popular toppings in our stores and the Berry Blue flavor is a fan-favorite. We are bringing our customers a new, one-of-a-kind flavor they won't find anywhere else."