Premier Spanish foods importer Culinary Collective is adding three new gourmet condiments to its current line of Matiz España sauces and spreads. Garlicky and spicy Matiz Fiery All I Oli can be applied to sandwiches, seafood or grilled meats. Matiz Organic Olivada is an olive spread made with organic empeltre olives and olive oil. Matiz Organic Quince Paste is made with all organic ingredients including organic quince fruit, lemon and organic sugar.

Matiz Fiery All I Oli Spread

This spread is made with spicy garlic and hot peppers, lemon, sunflower oil and salt. It is appropriate for grilled meats, veggies, seafood, and in cold summer salads. It is also egg, gluten and dairy free.

Matiz Organic Olivada Spread

Now made using all organic ingredients, this dark, rich empeltre olive spread is a simple products. Made with organic empeltre olives, organic olive oil and salt, it’s the essence of Spain in a jar. Try it with cheeses, as a spread on sandwiches or sear fish with an olivada crust

Matiz Organic Quince Paste

Quince paste or membrillo is the quintessential Spanish accompaniment to cheese. Matiz Quince, now made using organic quince fruit, organic sugar and organic lemon is cooked down until it caramelizes into a thick spread with a deep color and rich flavor.