The Puratos Group was honored with the Vendor Excellence Award at the Piantedosi 100th Anniversary Breakfast, held at Anthony’s of Malden in Massachusetts on June 15th. Paul Morabito (Director of Sales), Maria Carmagnola (Key Account Manager) and Jimmy Sposito (R&D) were invited to the 100th anniversary breakfast, unaware that they would be receiving the award.

During the anniversary breakfast, the Puratos team accepted the award from Carmine Piantedosi (Owner, 4th generation) and Kumar Ponnamalam (Manager of Production), in front of guests and other vendors.

The Vendor Excellence Award can be given to any vendor that Piantedosi feels exhibits a strong focus on quality products and customer service—reliable partners in innovative techniques within the baking industry. 2016 not only commemorates Piantedosi’s 100 year anniversary, but its 22nd year as a Puratos partner.