More than a mere trend, healthy eating is a lifestyle. Whether at restaurants or at retail, health sells. And major food corporations nationwide are adapting to satisfy consumers' hunger for healthier foods and beverages.

Recently, the Campbell Soup Co. announced plans to launch in January 2017 Well Yes, a nutritious ready-to-serve soup line featuring ingredients such as quinoa, kale, and lean proteins.

The decision makes sense for Campbell's, which is seeking to reverse flagging sales in its Simple Meals and Beverages segment by promoting the health benefits of the grains and plant proteins these soups will feature. Insights from market research firm Packaged Facts reveal that the ancient grain quinoa has dominated menus and new products announcements in recent years. Meanwhile, kale is still king for many Americans incorporating superfoods into their diets.

According to the company, the idea for Well Yes ready-to-serve soup came from a group of female Campbell's employees. The women identified a gaping hole in the soup category. Specifically, there weren't category products that spoke specifically to them. Together with input from a group of customers, they co-created a brand that they could connect with and that featured more of the healthy ingredients they wanted.

In its 147 years of existence, this is hardly Campbell's first attempt to wisely give consumers what they want. For example, back in mid-2012 the company launched a line of exotically-flavored, ready-to-eat soup in pouches called Campbell's GO soups. The soups were designed to specially target Millennials through packaging alternatives and bold, adventurous flavors. Company spokespersons described this "next generation of Campell's soups" as a product "made for Millennials by Millennials."