Jarlsberg® Cheese is debuting a new addition to its cheese line: Jarlsberg® Cheese Snacks. Fans can now savor the classic taste of Jarlsberg® Cheese, with a mild, mellow and nutty flavor, in this portable snack. Jarlsberg Cheese Snacks are naturally gluten and lactose free and were created to satisfy customer demand for more convenient, wholesome and delicious snacking options.

These individually wrapped Cheese Snacks are ¾ oz in the stick format. Every Cheese Stick is portion controlled with only 70 calories, and is an all-natural snack with 5 grams of protein.

“Jarlsberg® Cheese Snacks bring the outstanding, delicious flavor of the most incredible cheese in the world to a totally portable snacking size, in the convenience of individually wrapped cheese sticks,” says Debbie Seife General Manager of Marketing for Jarlsberg® Cheese. “This is the first time Jarlsberg® Cheese will be available in a cheese stick format, which are the go-to snacking option for all ages.”

Jarlsberg® Cheese Snacks come in 6-ounce size packages of individual wrapped cheese sticks for an SRP of $5.99 - $6.99.