Jarlsberg® Cheese debuted Jarlsberg® Cheese Crisps™. The savory, crunchy baked crackers are handcrafted in small batches, and made with freshly shredded Jarlsberg Cheese that is immediately sprinkled on top of the crunchy crackers just prior to being baked. New Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps takes the mild, mellow and nutty flavor of Jarlsberg Cheese and bakes it into a crunchy snack. Each crisp is topped with Jarlsberg Cheese, using the original Norwegian recipe, balanced with seasoning and spices for a savory taste.

Jarlsberg Cheese Crisp flavors include: Rosemary & Olive Oil which is perfectly balanced with invigorating rosemary and the subtle fruitiness of olive oil; Chipotle which is thoughtfully paired with the natural smokiness of authentic chipotle and just the right amount of spiciness; Garlic & Herb blended with the robust flavor of garlic and aromatic herbs and Mediterranean Sea Salt adding a burst of flavor. With only 120 calories or less per serving, only 3.5 or less grams of fat and 5 grams of protein and low cholesterol, these Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps™ are sure to fly off shelves in the deli section.

“Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps are the hottest new item from Jarlsberg! Jarlsberg Cheese has an extremely high consumer brand awareness, in over 80% of consumers know Jarlsberg Cheese as it is prominent in the refrigerated section of the deli cases.” Says Debbie Seife Marketing Director of Jarlsberg Cheese. “Imagine the amazing cross merchandising opportunities for this new product in the deli section. Customers will be thrilled to find a new way to enjoy a brand they already love.”

Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps have an SRP of $3.99 - $4.99 and are packed 12 bags per display ready case.