GH Solutions, a company focused on creating functional operating divisions within the hemp industry, announced the company's new KOIOS Raspberry Wonder with Hemp beverage will soon be released and distributed by KEHE Distribution and Hyperion Distribution.

"KOIOS currently sells their existing beverage nationally through these and other distributors," stated Rik J Deitsch, CEO of GH Solutions Inc. "Our new product is a great addition to the KOIOS product offering and should be able to be sold throughout all of their existing markets," he continued. "This also represents the largest potential launch of a hemp-based beverage. As research continues into the benefits of formulations containing hemp extracts, GH Solutions will be well-situated to reap the benefits of the growing marketplace," he concluded.

KEHE Distribution was founded in 1953 and is one of the largest natural grocery distributors in the world. They are a state-of-the-art organization of 4,500 employee-owners and a vast seventeen distribution center network across the US and Canada. KEHE has currently placed KOIOS Berry Genius in Sunset Foods, Pete's Fresh Markets, Mazyerecks, Tony's, fourteen Better Health locations, Natural Health Center, Joseph's Market, Caputos and Harvest Health.

Hyperion Distribution is one of Colorado's top food distributors. Currently, through Hyperion, KOIOS Berry Genius has been placed in over ten new 7-11's and several C stores throughout Colorado in the short time the agreement has been in place.

GH Solutions expects to issue updates on additional distribution partnerships in the near future.