Ready Pac Foods launched two new Limited Edition products: Pumpkin Spice Bistro Bowl® single-serve salad and Autumn Harvest Complete Salad Kit. The two new offerings give consumers the indulgent, autumn flavors they are looking for in a healthier, convenient way.

"We know consumers look forward to indulging in pumpkin spice flavored foods during the fall, but this often means a sugary or sweet treat," said Tristan Simpson, Chief Marketing Officer, Ready Pac Foods. "Our culinary team crafted craveably fresh options to give consumers something healthier to enjoy, but still delight in the flavors of the season."

The Pumpkin Spice Bistro Bowl® single-serve salad is a blend of harvest spring mix, roasted turkey, raisins, pepitas and dates, topped off with a light pumpkin vinaigrette with a hint of cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. This new Bistro Bowl variety brings consumers into the new season with all of their senses and in a healthy way. With 11 grams of protein and four grams of fiber, the flavorful salad is only 330 calories and made for an on-the-go meal.

The Autumn Harvest Complete Salad Kit, is a blend of spring mix and carrots, topped with crunchy roasted pumpkin seeds, diced dates, raisins and pumpkin-spiced cornbread croutons, all dressed with a tangy pumpkin vinaigrette. This chef-inspired, restaurant-style salad kit fulfills consumers' craving for an indulgent, holiday-flavored salad.

The two new limited-time offerings join several other Ready Pac Foods year-round favorites, also sure to satisfy consumers craving for fall flavors:

Bistro Bowl® Single-Serve Salads:

Apple Bleu Pecan – Fresh apples over a bed of crisp arugula and baby greens topped with pecans and a Bleu cheese balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Cranberry Walnut — This vegetarian salad features a bed of spring mix topped with dried cranberries, candied walnut pieces, feta cheese crumbles and an all-natural raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Kale Apple Veggie Chopped Salad – A chopped kale salad with broccoli, red cabbage, carrots, radicchio, topped with celery, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, and crisp apples, with a tangy lemon poppy seed dressing.

ElevĀte Organic Salads:

Nutty Cranberry Organic Salad – Organic spring mix topped with tart dried cranberries, creamy feta cheese, walnuts and almonds, with a raspberry vinaigrette.

Ready Snax® Snack Packs:

Caramel Apple Crisp – Tart Granny Smith and sweet red apple slices, graham crackers, praline pecans and creamy caramel dip.

Apples & Cheese with Caramel Dip – Tart Granny Smith apple slices with creamy cheddar cheese and decadent caramel sauce.