As the industry's premier flour supplier and innovator, Ardent Mills has largest portfolio of traditional, specialty and whole grain flours and ingredients. The company makes more than 1,200 different flours and estimates that each day, Ardent Mills' products and ingredients are consumed by more than 100 million North Americans.

The Denver, Colorado-based company showcased some of its most recent grain-based industry solutions at the 2016 International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas.

"At Ardent Mills, we continuously work for the good of grain, and the IBIE show is an opportunity to showcase our products and innovations to 20,000 baking professionals from 100 different countries and every segment of the business," says Dan Dye, chief executive officer, Ardent Mills.

 Some of the products and initiatives Ardent Mills highlighted at IBIE were:

• New Simply Milled™: A line of clean label flours with no bleach, bromate or other additives – grown and ground as it has been done for centuries.

• Ancient Grains and New Heirloom Wheats: A broad portfolio including Quinoa and new additions including Organic Spelt and Triticale.

• Sprouted Wheat and New Sprouted Wheat Blends: Convenient Sprouted White Spring Whole Wheat Flour with national scalability and for any application as well as new blends made with Sprouted Wheat.

• Ultragrain® High Performance: Whole grain nutrition with exceptional gluten strength, higher absorption and lower formula costs.

• National Premium Multi-Use Flour: Essential bakery and traditional flours with an updated bag design.

The IBIE show also offered a closer look at the Ardent Mills Mobile Innovation Center—a state-of-the art test kitchen that delivers on-site culinary creativity, consumer insights and R&D technical support to our customers' front doors. 

Chef Daniel Marciani, executive development chef for Ardent Mills, served a range of on-trend baked items. Menu highlights included:

• Grilled Palisade Peach Tart featuring Sustagrain Whole Barley Flour and Almond Flour
• Lemon Rosemary-Orange Pistachio Ultragrain Biscotti
• Cocoa Crepes featuring Organic Whole Grain Teff Flour
• Sprouted Lemon Pound Cake featuring Sprouted All Purpose Flour Blend
• Rye Pumpernickel Quesadilla featuring Rye Chops, Rye Pumpernickel and White Rye Flour paired with Pepperjack Cheese and Shredded Chicken.

Ardent Mills also offered attendees an opportunity to learn more about wheat risk management with Ardent Mills’ experts Kyle Sieren and Kevin Pray. The two experts presented a session titled, "Risk Management for Wheat Flour Buyers: Understanding and Applying Key Principles in Today's Market.”

The presentation provided real-world examples how risk management structures work with vanilla, cap and floor, range, averaging and accumulating, and how they can help manage your company's wheat financial risk in today's, and future, markets.

About Ardent Mills
Ardent Mills is the premier flour-milling and ingredient company whose vision is to be the trusted partner in nurturing its customers, consumers and communities through innovative and nutritious grain-based solutions. Ardent Mills' operations and services are supported by more than 40 flour mills and bakery-mix facilities along with a specialty bakery, a Mobile Innovation Center, all located in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Deeply rooted in communities throughout North America, Ardent Mills is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and employs more than 100 certified millers, supporting thousands of local jobs and contributing billions of dollars to local economies.

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