Agro Innova Co. developed a new line of six superfood Suavva Cacao Fruit Smoothies. Awarded as “Best Beverage Ingredient Award” by BrauBeviale, Agro Innova Co.’s process for using as much of the cacao fruit as possible in its smoothies means that shoppers reap the health and flavor benefits that other fruit-based drinks don’t offer.

Suavva Cacao Fruit Smoothies are made with the juice from the Cacao pulp — not bean — providing mood-boosting nutrition from essential nutrients such as theobromine. Packed with key vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, the cold-pressed smoothies contain only fresh fruits, cacao, and a hint of low-glycemic agave nectar. People with just about any dietary preference can enjoy Suavva Cacao Fruit Smoothies because they are Rainforest Alliance™ and Non-GMO Project verified, as well as certified Kosher, gluten-free, and Vegan.

“With the recent acceptance of cacao as a more mainstream ingredient amongst younger generations, we’re leaning into what we’ve known for hundreds of years – there’s nothing quite like the incredible flavor and superfood properties of the cacao fruit,” said Joseph Montgomery III, president of Agro Innova Co. “Suavva Cacao Fruit Smoothies offer consumers a variety of the things we know they crave – convenience, flavor, health benefits, and sustainability.”

The brand’s commitment to shoppers also speaks through its forward-thinking labeling practices. Aligned with the FDA’s upcoming disclosures that state a product must show total calories for the entire unit, Suavva Cacao Fruit Smoothies are a single-bottle, 10-ounce serving – all of which are as low as 80 calories.