Wolfgang Puck Coffee announced a new line of soluble powders for use in automatic vending brewers, under the brand name Barista Select™. Competitively priced and Kosher certified, these convenient and cholesterol-free powders make an addition to coffee with the push of a button.

The Barista Select line features eight flavors:

Cocoa- Made for the ultimate hot chocolate experience. An addition to a hot cup of coffee, anytime.

Milk Topping- Creamy, with a classic taste, and a rich, smooth flavor makes the ideal Latte or cappuccino.

French Vanilla- Creamy with a classic vanilla taste can make a latte, adding a vanilla flavor to all beverages.

Hazelnut- Creamy and satisfying with the nutty sweetness of hazelnut. A choice to add a nutty twist to your coffee.

White Chocolate Caramel- Tastes like a decadent dessert, easy to mix in milk, smoothies and all hot beverages. Satisfies any coffee craving with its sweet and caramel treat.

Irish Cream- Sweet notes of cream in this powder inspired by Irish Coffee. Sweet and creamy with a hint of whiskey.

Almond Amaretto- Sweet and creamy swirl of almond flavor inspired by Italian amaretto. This sweet and savory flavor helps a cup of coffee reach its full potential.

English Toffee- A delectable blend of rich, sweet toffee flavor.