Mizkan America Food Ingredients Division has added Hatch Valley Roasted chiles to its line of pepper products.

Sourced from the famous farmlands of Hatch Valley in New Mexico, the Mizkan Hatch Valley Roasted chiles are field-picked, de-stemmed, washed, roasted and steam-peeled—all before they are diced into 3/8” pieces. Next, the chiles are acidified, heated to pasteurization temperature and then filled into 55-gallon bags that are sealed to retain optimal flavor while the chiles are still hot. The chiles then are cooled as quickly as possible to provide a firm-textured, commercially sterile, finished product.

Available in the 55-gallon bags, packed in plastic drums, the chile product can be stored in room temperature in a dry area for up to two years. Mizkan Hatch Valley Roasted chiles are kosher (orthodox) and pareve.

“Our Hatch Valley pepper growers pick the chiles at the height of ripeness so that we can provide the best in flavor and selection,” says Dave Sackett, executive director of sales and marketing for Mizkan Food Ingredients. “The Hatch chile ranges from a mild-to-medium heat with a Scoville rating between 0 to 300, making it very versatile for manufacturers to include in formulations.”

Sackett notes that the 2016 crop was accelerated by warm weather in June and July, yielding an excellent growing season and an abundant crop. From Mizkan’s plant in New Mexico, Mizkan is the largest US processor of jalapenos and the largest green chile processor in the world.

“Our Deming, N.M., plant has extensive knowledge of pepper harvesting and processing,” says Sackett. “The in-demand Hatch Valley chiles are an extension of our pepper line and are an excellent way to add heat and texture to sauces, salsas, stews, soups and more.”

Mizkan offers food manufacturers various forms and pack sizes of green chiles, chipotle chiles, tomatillos, jalapenos and red jalapenos. Samples of the Hatch Valley Roasted chiles and other chiles are available by calling 1-800-323-4358 or by visiting www.mikan.com/food-ingredients.

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