Flavor Insights, provider of next-generation flavor innovation and product development, announced the formal launch of its company, operations and flavor development services. 

The new company was created by the same team that developed the performance and active lifestyle drink Muscle Milk. It operates in a state-of-the-art production facility in Benicia, Calif.  Flavor Insights’ goal is to work as a critical partner with its customers every step of the way to define and develop product ideas, and formulate organic, natural and natural & artificial (N&A) flavors that produce healthier and superior tasting products. 

According to Research and Markets Reports, the global markets for flavors and fragrances is predicted to reach $37 billion in the next four years, up $10 billion from 2015. As part of this growth, food manufacturers are making big changes to meet growing consumer demand for organic, safe and clean-labeled products. As an innovative West Coast-based flavor house, Flavor Insights is uniquely positioned to provide formulaic expertise and innovation to deliver flavors with optimal taste no matter the application. The proximity of Flavor Insights’ West Coast manufacturing facility also helps lower the production and shipping costs for its customers exporting to the Asia Pacific market. 

“As the founder and creator of CytoSport and Muscle Milk, I experienced first-hand what it means to formulate, develop and market a product that tastes great and is good for you,” says Greg Pickett, founder and chairman of Flavor Insights. “When we began looking to the future in 2014, I was enthused by the idea of creating a flavor house that would serve as an innovation partner to entrepreneurs and businesses that value their customers’ experience and desire for healthy, enjoyable products.” 

Based in Benicia, Calif., the 110,000-square foot ultramodern manufacturing facility produces all major forms of flavors including powder, liquid and spray dry. Onsite R&D, sensory and application teams help customers take products from concept to commercialization. In addition, Flavor Insights’ advanced, pilot, scale-up spray dryers can duplicate conditions that will be encountered during full production. The company’s flavor manufacturing capabilities include: 

• Powder flavor: With spray dry and ribbon blended powder flavors, stability, flavor strength, flowability and moisture are central to the production systems. Flavor Insights’ dual blending process provides the homogenous particle size needed for organic, natural and N&A powder flavors. 

• Liquid flavor: Flavor Insights produces water, oil soluble, alcohol extracts, fruit flavors, and UHT stable flavors, in organic, natural and N&A categories. 

• Encapsulated spray dry flavor: With pilot, full scale drying options and Clean in Place technology, Flavor Insights’ spray dry processing and technology provides efficiencies from the lab to scale-up to deliver stable flavor systems efficiently and effectively. 

For more information on Flavor Insights’ innovation, development and production services please visit: http://flavorinsights.net/