Pentallect Inc., a new strategic consulting and business improvement firm, combines the synergistic talents of five well-known, results-oriented consultants: Rob Veidenheimer (coming from The Hale Group); Bill Caskey (formerly of WJC Advisors); and Barry Friends, Bob Goldin and Gary Karp (previously with Technomic, Inc.). The firm offers clients insightful direction on the five “make-it-or-break-it” pillars of business: strategy, structure, sales and marketing, supply chain and spending/profitability – key areas that directly impact the P&L. 

“Collectively, the Pentallect partners likely have more foodservice industry knowledge and consulting experience than any similar firm in the industry,” said Veidenheimer, Partner and President at Pentallect. “We take an in-depth look at, and strategic approach to, clients’ key business challenges to provide guidance, structure and actionable insights to stimulate positive growth and success. We’re eager to host our first Pentallect Strategic Summit titled The Fight for the Foodservice “Sweet Spot”:  GPO Traction with Independents on April 26th in Chicago, which will bring industry leaders together to share original research and candid perspectives.”

The five partners offer an unprecedented depth of food industry skills, drawing on vast food business management experience and an expansive network of relationships throughout the supply chain. Each founding partner has held successful senior leadership roles at major food suppliers or food industry consulting firms, including: Campbell Soup, Kraft Foods, French’s, Nestlé, Oscar Mayer, Lamb Weston, ConAgra, Reinhart, Sysco, US Foods, The Hale Group and Technomic prior to joining forces. 

Pentallect has aligned with a number of well-known industry leaders as affiliates of the firm. These affiliates provide issue-specific thought leadership and strategic counsel to the management team and are available to assist with client engagements as needed. The affiliates include: Arjun Chakravarti (Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing at Illinois Institute of Technology), George Latella (Professor of Food Marketing at St. Joseph University and consultant to the food industry), Bob Planck (former Chairman and President/CEO of the Independent Marketing Alliance), Mike Roach (former President of Ben E Keith Foods) and Bob Sala (Founder and former CEO of Distribution Market Advantage, Inc.).

Pentallect has also secured relationships with the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA), International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) and Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association (FSMA), all leading food industry organizations, to collaborate on projects, share ideas and perspectives, jointly assess evolving industry dynamics and serve as a resource to the consultancy’s leadership and clientele.

“Based on my extensive knowledge of and experience with the partners of Pentallect, I am pleased to endorse the firm,” said Co-Founder and Former President and CEO of Technomic, Inc., Ronald Paul. “I am confident that Pentallect will be a valuable and unique resource to its food industry clients.” Mr. Paul will serve as a Senior Advisor to Pentallect.

Pentallect Inc. Points of Difference:

The firm embraces a ”total business system” approach to the five core mission critical challenges that directly impact the P&L of food industry participants:

  • Strategy: Address challenges across the board, including: strategic planning, go-to-market strategies, channel development, and logistics and distribution planning
  • Structure: Monitoring and reporting on foodservice industry economics and trends to provide insight on specialized organizational measures and improvements
  • Sales and Marketing Effectiveness: Analysis of performance benchmarking, direct resource and broker alignment, and marketing and sales performance optimization
  • Supply Chain: Review of distribution channels, logistics, modernization/optimization, category management and e-commerce 
  • Spending/Profitability: Trade spending analysis and improvement, broker compensation and investment due diligence review

To learn more about Pentallect's services and/or register for the Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) Summit, please contact Pentallect at 888-651-3104 or visit their website at