Emmi Roth USA introduced a line of Roth® Organics. The innovative collection of four new cheeses features many award-winning Roth favorites now made using fresh, certified organic milk from local dairy farms.

The organic line features Roth’s flagship Grand Cru® Original now available in organic, as well as Organic Van Gogh® Gouda, Organic Havarti and Organic Sharp Cheddar. Each variety is also naturally gluten-free, Non GMO, rBST-free and vegetarian friendly.

Roth® Organic Grand Cru® Original – available in 18 lbs wheels and 6-ounce retail cuts – is an award-winning Alpine-style cheese made from a combination of the finest organic milk and Swiss traditions. The smear-ripened cheese is crafted in authentic copper vats and cured by Roth cellar masters for a minimum of four months in order to achieve a complex and full-bodied flavor unlike any other.

Roth® Organic Van Gogh® Gouda - available in 10 lb wheels and 8-ounce retail cuts – is craft-ed from the freshest Organic milk and aged for a minimum of 6 months to develop a classic, rich and tangy flavor.

“There is a strong demand for organic products that has grown significantly over the past few years,” says Tim Omer, President and Managing Director at Emmi Roth USA. “We are fortunate to live in a part of the world where fresh, organic milk is available in our backyard. The farmers we work with follow certified organic dairy farming standards.”

Cows milked on organic dairy farms are not treated with bovine growth hormones, are not given antibiotics while in a herd, are fed grass and feed that has not been treated with pesticides or grown from genetically modified seeds, and always have access to pasture.