Burke Corporation announces the release of an all-natural portfolio of fully cooked meat ingredients. New MADE SIMPLE™ meats are minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients. They are ideal for industrial manufacturers looking for simpler and cleaner foods.

Burke knows cleaner labels mean bigger business. An estimated 79% of U.S. consumers surveyed they read ingredient labels on food packaging.* Likewise, an even greater 82% agree that “clean label” has a great or moderate influence on their purchasing decisions.** It’s good news for the bottom line, too. Consumer customers are willing to pay more for products they perceive as “better-for-you,” like those with all-natural labeling

Now corporate R&D chefs can formulate on-trend recipes that appeal to health-conscious consumers. Burke’s MADE SIMPLE™ line includes a full portfolio of Sausage Crumbles, Beef Toppings, Uncured Meats, Chicken Sausage, and Meatballs. 

“At Burke, the team identified a need for a line of clean labeled products that would position us as an innovative leader in the industry,” says Mike Dougherty Sr. Director, Industrial Sales & Marketing, “The results of this collaborative effort between marketing, sales, and R&D is MADE SIMPLE™. We’re excited to offer up new ways to give our customers the cleaner labels and great flavors they’re looking for.”

Anyone looking for more information or even samples should visit: Burkecorp.com/made-simple

*Technomic & 2016 Iconoculture Brief, Ingredion Europe

**Pizza Marketplace – Webinar: Food Transparency and Simplified Ingredient Lists

About Burke Corporation

Since 1974, Burke has provided the highest-quality pizza toppings and other fully cooked meat products for the foodservice and prepared foods industries. Its philosophy is to give customers what they want, consistently.

Website: burkecorp.com/made-simple

Anyone looking for more information or even samples should visit: Burkecorp.com/made-simple