Comax Flavors has embarked on a new food and beverage primary market research program to better understand consumers’ behavior, usage and attitudes towards a variety of food and beverage market segments. 

The company has completed several consumer insights studies including those related to juice, flavored water, nutrition and performance products, yogurt, baked goods and spirits. In January, Comax Flavors conducted its first coffee study with 500 US respondents, ages 18-70+. The study examined coffee preparation, consumption habits and preferences of women and men. 

“Coffee is a universal staple engrained in many cultures. With so much market activity, especially in flavored coffees and ready-to-drink (RTD) products, Comax wanted to better understand coffee consumption habits and usage among the general population,” says Catherine Armstrong, Comax vice president of corporate communications.

Comax has partnered with Amy Marks-McGee of Trendincite LLC to manage the market research program; and George Costello Creative, to translate the data into creative, fun and easy-to-read infographics. 

Below are just a few of the study highlights. To request a copy of the complete Wake Up and Smell The Coffee infographic, contact

•    Flavor is the number one driver of coffee purchases among all generations with almost three-quarters (73%) of respondents citing it as the most important attribute

•    Gen Y (49%), Gen X (44%) and Gen Z (40%) favor flavored coffee compared to Baby Boomers (19%)

•    Nearly one-third (32%) of respondents consume flavored RTD coffee

•    67% of Baby Boomers and 81% of respondents 71+ do not drink RTD coffee

•    40% of respondents drink instant coffee and surprisingly Gen Y (65%) are the heaviest users followed by Gen Z (51%) and Gen X (39%)

•    A quarter (26%) of respondents use flavored creamers in iced coffee while a third (33%) use flavored creamers in hot coffee

•    Similarly, 14% use flavored syrup in iced coffee while 12% use flavored creamers in hot coffee

•    40% of respondents’ coffee habits change depending on the season

•    Of those respondents that drink seasonal coffee flavors, 43% consume seasonal flavors in fall and winter compared to 21% in spring and summer

•    Respondents are sweet on coffee flavors in other applications with 46% stating they enjoy coffee flavored ice cream and 44% enjoy coffee flavored chocolate

•    64% of respondents noted they drink indulgent* coffees as an alternative to a snack or dessert

*Indulgent coffee examples include Mochas, Frappuccino, Frappe etc.

Generations defined: Gen Z born 1996 and later; Gen Y born 1977 to 1995; Gen X born 1965 to 1976; Baby Boomers born 1946 to 1964; Silent Generation born 1925 to 1945

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