A trio of experienced category veterans are making a splash in grocery cases, restaurants and bars with an adult beverage category first: a new botanical-infused wine spritzer. Blossom Brothers matches high quality wine with natural botanical essences for an outcome that is crisp and effervescent − a refreshing, subtly sweet alternative to beer, cider or opening a full bottle of wine.

Blossom Brothers’ spritzers are made from just four clean ingredients – wine, natural botanical essences, water and CO2. There’s no added sugar, sweeteners or artificial flavors, just a simple burst of bubbles that elevate flavor and add a refreshing vibrancy. The beverages contain 6% alcohol, close to half that of traditional wine, have only 12 grams of sugar and are gluten free.

The first three flavors debut on draft at restaurants and bars and at retail in glass bottle four-packs for $11.99. The enticing flavor combinations include:

  • White Peach & Jasmine Flower is a treat for the senses. Orchard peach and jasmine aromas gently spring from the bottle and harmonize to create a subtly sweet spritzer that is an olfactory blast. It pairs well with Thai food, Mexican food, pork and savory cuisine, even Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Blood Orange & Ginger Root is a balance of bright citrus with a kick of ginger. The fruit and root botanicals work in concert for a spritzer that’s not too sweet and loaded with layers of dynamic spicy aromas. It pairs well with barbecue, grilled fish, pizza, cheese and charcuterie.
  • Pink Grapefruit & Honeycomb is a crisp, bright spritzer that’s perfectly refreshing and enchantingly aromatic. The pink grapefruit has a lively hit of citrus complimented by the subtle natural sweetness of honeycomb, a perfect combination for pairing with farmer’s market salads, shellfish, quiches and all hard and soft cheeses.