ZeroCater, a provider of office catering, introduces ZeroCater Snacks and Kitchens. A fully-customizable solution for office snacking, ZeroCater Snacks and Kitchens makes it easy for companies to provide their employees with the snacks they love.

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Until now, managing office snacks meant using outdated methods—either a traditional delivery service or limited company resources—to find, order, and replenish items. Those responsible for managing office snacks programs often experience a lack of reliability and insights, as well as a static selection of snacks that become uninspiring over time. With feedback from office managers and employees, ZeroCater developed its Snacks and Kitchens program to take office snacking to the next level. ZeroCater Snacks and Kitchens provides the yum factor, caters to nutrition-conscious individuals, and curates variety over time to create serious shelf appeal. Best of all, ZeroCater's technology makes the program easy for companies to monitor and manage.

"We wanted to be able to use technology to manage logistics and collect employee feedback and insights to ensure that a company's snack program evolves over time to keep employees happy," explained ZeroCater CEO Arram Sabeti.

ZeroCater's proprietary software connects the snack warehouse, drivers, and replenishment specialists to provide complete and customized control over each snack program. From managing inventory and delivery to replenishment and clean-up, ZeroCater has full end-to-end control to ensure a flawless process and a happy office. Easy-to-use feedback tools allow for optimization, and the client dashboard offers insight into snacking and consumption habits.

To create a custom snack experience, each client is assigned a dedicated account manager and an on-site specialist to handle snack requests, curation, and regular replenishment. ZeroCater Snacks and Kitchens offers a robust collection of classic, local, and artisanal items to satisfy every craving. Snacks and beverages are handpicked based on the tastes and dietary preferences of each office. The ZeroCater warehouse currently stocks more than one thousand different types of snacks and beverages. Traditionalists will find favorites like Cheerios® and La Croix, and wellness enthusiasts will love having fresh produce on hand alongside trusted brands like Bare® snacks and Yerba Mate®. For the adventurous foodie, ZeroCater stocks new brands like Green Pea Cookies and Braingear® and Bay Area favorites like Hint and Gr8nola. Additionally, clients have the option to add top-quality appliances like cold-brew kegerators and espresso machines.