Market researcher Euromonitor International last year examined the meal replacement segment, including snack and nutritional bars. 
Analysts say they found was that the space is in a state of transformation. Once focused almost exclusively on weight-loss products, today’s market has shifted toward products that optimize consumer nutritional needs and that help eaters achieve health goals. Today’s shoppers want a more holistic food experience, a fresher and healthier meal replacement or snack based on whole food nutrition and natural ingredients.


PowerBar Jerky & Nut

ONE Brands Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Bar

goodnessKNOWS Expands Bar Line

Pamela’s Big Fig, The Nutty Cookie

Pereg Raw Bars

Prairie Farms Milk Snack Bars

According to IRI, Chicago, dollar sales of snack and granola bars grew 1.61% during the 52-week tracking period ended March 19, 2017. While sales of breakfast, cereal and snack bars remained relatively flat, and dollar sales of granola bars dipped 2.06%, bars positioned as nutritional or carrying some intrinsic health value were on the rise to the tune of 3.55%.  

Bar market grows, emphasizes more wholesome ingredients, proactive nutrition.