Jack Link’s will introduce five protein-packed products in 2018, including expansions into the chip aisle and refrigerated section.

New Jack Link’s products include:

Jack Link’s Steak Strips (February)

This new and improved power bar with 100% beef offers 8 grams of protein at just 70 calories. Steak strips will be available in two flavors: Original and Teriyaki.

RSP: Under $2.00 per pack

Lorissa’s Kitchen Beef Sticks (February)

100% grass-fed beef that is seasoned and slow-smoked without any added nitrates, MSG or gluten. The 1-ounce sticks will be available in three flavors—Original, Smokey Sweet and Jalapeño—and contain 6 grams of protein each.

SRP: $1.99 per stick

Jack Link’s Multi-Packs (February)

For a quick hit of protein on-the-go, multi-packs will feature 10 individually wrapped, 100% meat sticks in three flavors: Original Beef, Pepperoni Beef and Turkey.

SRP: $3.99 per pack

Jack Link’s Pork Rinds (March)

Jack Link’s first expansion into the chip aisle features 8 grams of protein per serving with only 1 gram of carbs—satisfying salty, crunchy cravings in a better-for-you way. Jack Link’s will offer two flavors: Applewood BBQ and Sweet & Hot.

SRP: $1.99 per pack

Jack Link’s Cold Crafted (April)

Bringing the best of Wisconsin delicacies—smoked meats and cheese—together in one delicious package. This new snack pack with 100% beef and real Wisconsin Cheese can be found in the refrigerator aisle and fresh snacking area of convenience stores in the following varieties: Smoked Meat Sticks (Original, Loaded with Pepper Jack, Loaded with Cheddar Cheese); Beef and Cheese Bites; Smoked Meat Sticks and Cheese (Cheddar and Pepper Jack).

SRP: $3.49 per pack