Leading clean recovery and hydration sports drink, KILL CLIFF, is adding an endurance beverage to product line. 

ENDURE, an endurance sports drink, provides essential electrolytes and slow-release carbohydrates to support hydration and sustained endurance during exercise. Offered in two flavors, Berry Punch and Blood Orange, at 110 calories per 20oz bottle, ENDURE is now available at select independent gyms across the US, and online at killcliff.com.

The perfect complement to KILL CLIFF’s popular, carbonated post-workout recovery beverage, ENDURE is created for anyone looking to optimize their performance during training. ENDURE has a clean label with light flavor, making it easy to chug before and during a workout, with effective ingredients for immediate results. With a good source of potassium—six times more potassium than leading sports drinks—and slow-release carbohydrates, ENDURE helps athletes push harder, faster and longer, providing hydration and sustained energy without the blood sugar spike and crash.

“KILL CLIFF has been helping fitness warriors recover from their intense workouts with a clean post-workout hydration recovery beverage for many years, and now it’s time to help them work harder, longer,” says Joe Driscoll, CEO of KILL CLIFF. “We believe wholeheartedly in Kill the Quit – going all-in, all the time – which is why we’re committed to creating the best products to fuel training pre-, mid- and post-workout. We can’t wait for KILL CLIFF fans to feel the difference in their workouts with ENDURE.”

Driscoll says product development for ENDURE included several months of trial and feedback from KILL CLIFF sponsored athletes, including an introduction at the KILL CLIFF Granite Games in September 2017. KILL CLIFF plans to introduce ENDURE to US Military bases and mainstream retail partners in 2018 where ENDURE will be part of the natural functional beverage set when it arrives at grocery retailers.

“Our endurance sports drinks are exactly what our athletes have been asking for to complement our KILL CLIFF post-workout recovery beverage,” adds Chris Irwin, president of KILL CLIFF and retired Navy SEAL. “Beyond the gym, people pursuing all styles of fitness can use this product to improve their performance.”


Founded and created by a former Navy SEAL with the spirit of giving back to the community, KILL CLIFF® makes clean and tasty drinks. KILL CLIFF Recovery Drinks deliver clean recovery, providing the hydration and nutrients without all the sugar and artificial colors so many beverages have today. KILL CLIFF ENDURE Endurance Sports Drinks deliver essential electrolytes and slow-release carbohydrates to support hydration and sustained endurance during activity. 

Headquartered in Atlanta, the KILL CLIFF team includes civilians and accomplished military veterans, and is absolutely committed to serving and supporting the Navy SEAL community. KILL CLIFF honors the dedication and sacrifice made by these warriors and their families by donating a portion of the proceeds through their Official Partnership with the Navy SEAL Foundation. KILL THE QUIT™. Visit KillCliff.com and follow KILL CLIFF on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram @killcliff.