Hydration Health Products announced WinCo Foods, a family of 118 employee-owned grocery stores, have begun selling their clinical strength hydration beverages in both Raspberry Lemonade and Tropical Breeze flavors. 

Noah Alldredge, President of Hydration Health, said, "We are very pleased to expand our reach into Winco Foods grocery chain and provide their customers with 'The Most Powerful Hydration Supplement' in the industry. Our mission is to improve and support the condition of active people by combating dehydration. No other product on the market can boast a 1:1 ratio of this amino acid molecule to electrolytes. Our electrolyte formulas should do very well."

WinCo Foods currently has over 17,000 employees and operates throughout Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma. This partnership will provide a great opportunity by widening distribution coverage in the USA to promote the science based oral rehydration products.

Hydration Health Products use a patented formula that allows electrolytes to be delivered across the intestinal wall without the use of carbohydrate-ridden glucose. Every electrolyte is chauffeured by its own amino acid molecule, which allows the body to absorb more water.  

Most store-bought sports drinks are packed full of electrolytes, but don't mention how they plan to deliver those electrolytes into your system, adds Alldredge. Backed by 30 years of hydration research re:play and pre:play uses a non-glucose amino acid to carry the electrolytes into the bloodstream. The result is staying active longer without the sluggish effects of sugar.